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SMC Takes Action on Unauthorized Construction in Nivedita Road, Pradhan Nagar, in Compliance with High Court Orders

Nivedita Road Demolition: Crowds gather as SMC initiates action against illegal constructions, prompting police intervention to control traffic and maintain order.

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Siliguri, Dec 22 (Siliguri Journal) – Siliguri Municipal Corporation (SMC) kept up its efforts to tackle unauthorized construction by tearing down illegal buildings on Nivedita Road in Pradhan Nagar, Siliguri. The SMC took this step in response to orders from the High Court.

Reports indicate that a petition was filed at the High Court, addressing numerous unauthorized constructions along the road. In compliance with the court’s directives, the demolition commenced on Friday morning with the Pradhan Nagar police overseeing the operation. The unauthorized structures, comprising houses, shops, restaurants, and cafes, totaled 22 and were successfully demolished by the SMC.

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SMC Mayor Goutam Deb previously expressed concern about unauthorized construction in the city, emphasizing the intention to take legal actions against such activities. This commitment aligns with the SMC’s history of demolishing illegal constructions at various locations within the city.

As the demolition work commenced on Nivedita Road, a large crowd gathered, leading to significant traffic congestion. Subsequently, a substantial police presence arrived and effectively brought the situation under control.

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